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#ShugaryMention: House of Louange Equals Glowing Skin

Today on #ShugaryMention (a post on my blog where I celebrate an awesome person doing great work), I’m featuring one of my favourite business owners. She makes running a business seem easy. She has appeared on the blog before. Read what she wrote here. Let’s meet the House of Louange. Why do I like her? Her skincare products and routines are not focused on bleaching or stressing your skin ‘for your true colour to show‘.

House of Louange skincare featured on the Shugarythoughts blog

Please introduce yourself and/or business

My name is Fejiro Ubueme and I run House Of Louange.

House of Louange is a natural skincare brand that helps clients realize how achievable beauty is without compromising skin health.

How long have you been in business?

House of Louange has been running for almost three years.

What are the best moments so far?

Oh, when I sold my first jar tops the list. Lol. I couldn’t just believe someone trusted me enough to pay me for my products.

House of Louange Halal Black Soap

Then when I made my stickers.

Lastly, when I sold my first kit.

Every moment is memorable for me though because I never knew I’d be doing this 4 years ago.

What are the worst moments so far?

i. When I had my first negative review lol. I thought I’d die. The woman legit called me to her house and handed the half-finished products to me. She didn’t even allow me give her a refund.

Side note: How I get over a negative review

Hmmm…I used to hole up somewhere and cry! Then I will think about closing down. Lol

Now, I am calmer. I apologize first if the client is irate then I ask questions.
Most of the time from the answers to these questions, I find out my products are not actually the issue. Depending on what I find out, I send another set of products to unsatisfied customers.

Sometimes, I refer them to dermatologists.

Personally, I take solace in the positive reviews I garner every time. It is really just human nature to focus on the negatives so I make a constant commitment to focus on the positives.

If 1 person has a negative review, it should not affect the other 10 positive reviews that the brand has gathered.

I think I have grown now. The time I’ve spent on research has helped build my confidence and I know better now.

ii. When a delivery person took my products to his house and refused to pick my calls. Kits o!!

iii. When I mistakenly spent so much money on ingredients that were not so good. I had sent out the products, clients were complaining and I had to change all the kits I sold. (Double loss)

I want my skin to glow too. How do I contact you?

You can call +234 810 987 0684 or send a WhatsApp message here.

You can send an email to
Follow us on Twitter – @houseoflouange_ and on Instagram – @houseoflouange

Any last words for the Shugarythoughts readers?

Every woman is extremely beautiful in their skin tone and the skin’s health should be paramount at all times. Healthy skin equals glowing skin.

Thank you so much House of Louange!!

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Stay safe!


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