#ShugaryMention: What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Debby’s Kitchen

This year, I’ve decided to celebrate the awesome people around me doing great things with their businesses, careers, and basically the work of their hands. These will be a series of posts featuring businesses you can patronize and people you can connect with.

For my first #ShugaryMention, I went talking to Chef Debby, Head Chef at Debby’s Kitchen. I asked her some questions, enjoy!

Please introduce yourself and/or your business

My name is Deborah Esene. I am an outstanding and award-winning Chef. I have created a niche for myself in the culinary space as a Food Stylist, Recipe Developer, and Content Creator that has worked with several food brands and looking to transform more. I am a one-time food show host on Morning Rave and also a chef presenter on the famous breakfast show on TVC.

I also run a soup and food delivery company; Debby’s Kitchen which was formed out of the desire to serve high-quality homemade Nigerian soups and food to people who’d love to eat homemade food but can’t due to time constraints as they are mostly busy with work.
We feel no one should deprive themselves or their families of healthy and nutritious food or compromise the quality of food they feed on.

We pride ourselves in making gourmet meals that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also very tasty and delicious using the freshest and finest of ingredients so as to leave a long-lasting memory to anyone who gets to taste our meal.
Based on the frequent request to train, we have also started training young and aspiring chefs/food business-owners.

Our vision is to make Debby’s Kitchen a household name in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

Chef Debby

We hope to achieve this by consistently serving high standard meals regardless of price, quantity and client.

How long have you been in business?

I formally started Debby’s Kitchen in December 2018.

What are the best moments so far?

I’d say the amazing reviews and feedback we get from our customers has been a major source of encouragement. The referrals have been one of the best moments too. There’s no joy compared to seeing a happy and satisfied client.

What are your worst moments so far, especially with doing business in Nigeria?

Delivery has been a serious issue and a major challenge.
Sometimes customers get discouraged by the delivery fee and most times the dispatch riders don’t keep to time or might even disappoint and not show up at all.

We hope to own and manage our own logistics company thereby making delivery almost free for all.

I want to order food. How do I reach you?

You can send me a message on WhatsApp here

You can send me an email @ debbyskitchen1@gmail.com
Follow me on Instagram – @debbyskitchen.com.ng, like my page on Facebook – Debby’s Kitchen or go to my website – https://www.debbyskitchen.com.ng.

We can always connect on LinkedIn too. Click here to go to my profile.

Thank you, Chef Debby

So my peeps, that’s Chef Debby. I’ve tasted of her food and it’s amazing! You can try her out too.

Watch out for my next #ShugaryMention.

Stay safe. Keep flourishing!


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