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#ShugaSays : Textationship

Hi people! Long time! Well, there were some dire situations and that’s the reason why there was a break in transmission. I’m back. Not promising anything, but I love writing, I love my blog so I’ll make an effort to post regularly. Still not promising.
Today I’m talking about “Textationship”.


Many of us are or have one time or the other been in this kind of ‘relationship’.

This is one of those situations where I say social media has become a necessary evil. Really?!

We meet on Twitter, follow each other, take it to the DMs, BlackBerry pins follow, we move to Bbm. (Edit: those days of Blackberry Messengers. well, now you take it to WhatsApp). After chatting continuously for like two weeks, we assume dating or in some cases sef we are ‘asked out’. The relationship starts and ends on BBM. You guys don’t get to see at all. Just sending pictures. Thanks to Photoshop and other photo editing apps.

Then, there’s the relationship where we are asked out normally but we get lazy and don’t see each other regularly. Why? We have all the instant messaging apps where we always chat and check-in with each other.

I’m not denying that there should be no use of instant messaging in a relationship, it is absolutely necessary but let’s #BringBackTheDates.

Just going out and having fun, actually talking and having conversations face to face. Nothing can be compared to that. So let’s #BringBackTheDates.

I’m done ranting. Hope I made some sense. See ya.  😚😚😚😘😘😘😘

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