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A Millionaire Experience

I’ve had certain life experiences that have made me think to myself,

“Mehn, Sarah money will fit you”


“Sarah, you have to do more with yourself”

My sister (check out her art work on IG @byfioda) was gisting me about a podcast she listened to on having a millionaire experience. This person occasionally books an AirBnB for a weekend to get out of his space and just experience life on another plane for a bit.

And I said yup…when I had that experience that’s what I felt, that’s what I had, that’s what it’s called – The Millionaire Experience.

You know there are some restaurants or houses or certain locations in general you go to and you feel this sudden drive to do more or ideas start pouring in. The environment energizes you to be better, to do better.

Your take home from this post?

Plan a Millionaire Experience for yourself regularly

Factor it into your monthly or annual budget.
It might be going to have a lunch buffet at a particular hotel, or a weekend gateway at a fun spot or just ordering from a certain brand.

Your Millionaire Experience might be surfing through a personality’s website(stalking on Instagram πŸ‘€) and just being inspired to do more.

Be careful though, it’s easy to slip from a Millionaire Experience to a depressive “I haven’t achieved anything” state.
Your Millionaire Experience shouldn’t do that to you. You shouldn’t do that to yourself.

So yeah, cheers to Millionaire Experiences turning to Billionaire experiences πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚

Have you had a Millionaire Experience? I want to know all about it. Gist me πŸ‘‚πŸΎπŸ‘‚πŸΎ

7 thoughts on “A Millionaire Experience”

  1. I’m kind of the person who gets depressed over finding out I don’t have the resources yet to fund that ‘Millionaire lifestyle’. Sometimes, checking out someone’s IG (stalking, like you said, lol) just makes me compare myself to the person, and I always come up short. I know I just need to change my perspective and think of it as something I’m striving to attain, but yeah. It’s hard.

    1. Hi Lara,’s hard most times not to compare yourself to others but we need to stop. As they say ‘comparison is the thief of joy’. If you would like someone to talk to, please like this comment and I would reach out.

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