#Emotions: What Are You Angry About? Part 2

Remember when I wrote Part 1 here?

I read through it and I got riled up again. Lol.

Well, here’s a part 2. What am I angry about?

1. People who borrow money and don’t pay back. I don’t care if this makes it into every ‘What are you angry about?’ list. This is extremely annoying and it’s sad that it keeps happening. Is there something wrong with communicating if you can’t pay up at the agreed time? I did a whole post on this here.

2. N I G E R I A
Nigeria has put me in a whirlwind of emotions these past few weeks. To think that we celebrated our independence day on October 1st and a few days down the line the Federal Government shows that they don’t really respect their citizens is something to think about.
People gathered together to protest police brutality and guess what happens? The police respond with even more police brutality. The situation seemed to be an ‘ẹẹ̀ tíì rí nǹkan-kan’ moment. (see translation below)
#EndSARS should be a post on its own but until I’m there mentally to write one…I am angry with Nigeria.

But wait.

I’m not really angry with Nigeria as a country!.
I’m angry at the Nigerian government. Since this incident started, I’ve struggled with calling them leaders because I think it would be disservice to the word ‘leaders’. They remain people in government to me till I see changes in behaviour.

3. Food is getting really expensive in Nigeria and it doesn’t seem to be the concern of the people in government. Despite billions spent on agriculture, food inflation is up by 108% since 2015.

4. I’m angry that there are people working overtime trying to divide Nigeria, if not by religion then by tribe or ethnicity. It’s saddening and annoying seeing tweets or videos of individuals trying to incite hate and discord among Nigerians

5. I’m angry with the crop of ‘leaders’ we have in Nigeria. Lol..this is turning into a Nigerian rant post. Within the past few weeks, I’ve had to question the humanity and thinking capacity of some people in government. You see, the tone deafness of the Nigerian government is loud.

I’m learning that anger is a healthy emotion to feel and it’s what I do with the energy that matters afterwards. The rage and anger that I feel towards the Nigerian government will be channelled towards voters education mostly. I have my PVC (See proof here 😉😉). I’ve seen that I haven’t scratched the surface with my knowledge about the history of Nigeria, politics, governance and legislation & policymaking. I’ll be sharing what I learn on this journey with you. Let’s make Nigeria great (again?)!

Let’s build Nigeria together!!



 ẹẹ̀ tíì rí nǹkan-kan– You haven’t seen anything

Thank you to my fantastic translator – Akintunde. 💜

2 thoughts on “#Emotions: What Are You Angry About? Part 2”

  1. Yes, I’m angry too.
    With a lot of things.
    Still, I refuse to remain that way.
    I try to work on what makes me angry often, control my actions while angry and look at the brighter side of things.
    Thanks a lot for this great piece.

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