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#SaturdayThoughts: Write it down



This is a short post…I think. And a long time #SaturdayThoughts post meant to be up earlier.

I woke up with a craving to read one of my old journals.

Going through it, I found what I was looking for – My plan for 5 years.

I wrote that in 2018.

And I was amazed at what I wrote and how my life, 2 years after, is being steered in that direction, albeit not intentionally. 🙈🙈

Reading what I wrote greatly encouraged me this morning and I’m looking forward to the future with more expectations.

My advise to you is to write it down. That little thought, those great ideas, write it all down.


Get a journal if you don’t have one.

With technology now, there are a lot of apps that can help with you journaling and taking notes. Some are Google Keep, Evernote etc.
I’ll suggest having an app that is synced to a long term account like your Google account just so you don’t lose your notes if you lose your phone or change your phone.

So you kinda kinda don’t have any excuse not to write your thoughts down.

That’s it! Write things down, champ!

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