Two Poems and a Story: A Challenge

Two poemms and a story


How have you been really?

I have been trying to write in this period and as I was telling a friend, it has been a mixture of laziness, ‘no inspiration’, and second-guessing myself. This post is a compilation of a short story and two poems I wrote for a daily writing challenge I saw online.

Day 1 – Home

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“Home is where the heart is”

“Home is where the bra isn’t”

Some quotes on the home I’ve seen

I agree with the scenes

Home is where there’s peace

Home is where love flows, not just gulps or sips

Home is where Abba is

Home is where fear isn’t

Where is home to you?

Day 2: Locked in

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“My data has finished”

“I never knew there usually wasn’t any power supply during the day”

“Mummy, I’m hungry”

“Daddy, mummy said there’s no fuel.”

“I’m in a meeting”

“I’m so sorry, my connection is breaking”

“You need to learn a skill”

The many voices of being locked in.

Being locked in isn’t so different from my normal life. Lol.

I’m not a fan of the uncertainty that comes with these times.

I’m coming to terms with taking it one day a time

Upping my prayer and word game in this period

Trusting that Abba knows best

Being locked in has made me understand hope.

Hope that Christ is in me

Hope that brings about assurance

Hope that His word is true

Hope that He is a man of his word

Hope that His promises don’t fail

Being locked in is a story my children will hear

I survived being locked in.

Day 3 – First Kiss


I had prepared for this day since I was younger, – My first kiss. Did I want it in the rain or after a candlelight dinner or when he drops me off at home after our date? (Blame it on the movies)

What would I be wearing? What would he be wearing? Where would it be finally?

Why were these thoughts coming up again right in the middle of my last class in university? I was almost done with university. Dr. Alhaji had as usually deviated from his lecture on international taxation and had started giving ‘life advice’. My notes were filled with doodles and quotes from this lecture turned motivational seminar.

“In this life, expect the unexpected. Anything can what? Hapun!!” Dr. Alhaji said in his typical funny behavior and we all laughed. I miss his classes.

It was a Friday, my final paper at the university. The University. It was surreal. I was going to be done with this phase. Everything about this paper had a bit of finality to it. It was on the last day of the working week and in the last hours of the working day. It was a timed paper. Everyone went in at the same time, no one went out of the hall until the time elapsed and then everyone leaves the hall at the same time.

“Time up!”

And there were shouts and jubilation. The hall was thrown in total disarray. The security men in blue came in to drive us out. We happily went out of the hall; better safe than pay for a university property that was destroyed on your last exam day.

My classmates had apparently hired a DJ, drinks began to flow and the area around quickly turned into a mini party. The sun was setting and the exuberance that comes with the darkness became evident around us.

He was beside me through all the celebrations, impromptu photoshoots, and all. We had been dating for about a year now and I was overjoyed to share this moment with him.

I still reminisce on the purple and orange hues in the sky at that moment. Time stood still.

Thinking back, I remember there was a question and I said yes and his lips pressed on mine for the longest time (After everything and we were gisting, apparently it wasn’t the ‘longest time’. Lol.). Everything slowed down (Stop judging! I felt everything slowed down too 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️). Having TicTacs now take me back in time for just a little while.

“Thank you for being an important part of my life.”

He repeated this on our wedding day.

Thank you for reading up until this point.

Share in the comment section what home means to you, how the lockdown has been in your state/country, and what you think about your first kiss. I would love to read your shugary thoughts.

Wash your hands, stay safe! 🖤🖤🖤

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0 thoughts on “Two Poems and a Story: A Challenge”

  1. This is awesome! Home for me is definitely where I look the most homeless! My mother is going to make me as I have chosen to look (homeless 😉)

    My first kiss was a bit not what I hoped for but the many kisses I have had (different people oo) practically erased the disappointment lool

  2. This is awesomely beautiful!!!
    Home for me is where peace is. I cherish my peace and would live where there is peace.

    For this lock down, staying home/being alone has been a usual normal for me. I’m trying to make optimal use of it though (still trying, lol)

    My first kiss…


    1. Peace. Peace. 🗝️🗝️

      Ikr. The lockdown is almost normal for me too. I’m in the same boat of making optimal use of it too.

      Lol…your first kiss….hmmmm
      #Staysafe too 😉😉

  3. Awesome write up!
    Home is where I have peace of mind oo
    No peace of mind, no home!
    As for lock down hmmn, it was wonderful at first but right now man’s tired
    Then to the first kiss.. Can I even remember? 😂

  4. Home is most definitely wherever my loved ones are… Currently missing Home like crazy 😭😭😭…

    Lockdown has been no different…still stuck with my thesis and too many “meetings and online meetups” with supervisors…story of my lockdown life 🙃🙃🙃….

    As for my first kiss…I truly can’t remember dets…sad enough…lol…meaning it probably wasn’t anything epic…😅😅😅

  5. Home is where I’m happiest, doesn’t have to be a place to me. It can be a feeling, when I’m eating or a memory, call me weird but that’s my own definition of home.
    This lockdown has been funnn!! and then not but it’s the hope that everything will be okay that keeps me going.
    First kiss lol, it was a dare 😅😅 nothing spectacular just 2seconds and that was it, I prefer referring to it as a peck on the lips tho 🤷🏻‍♀️😁

  6. Home for me is where I want to be, where I feel comfortable. I like to be with my friends. The lock down has been good for me. I have achieved a lot.
    My first kiss.. To be continued.

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